Ash Logistics Vehicles

Take a look at our vehicles on offer and find out which one fits your needs best. Click on a vehicle to find out more.

Small Van

Ideal For Small items

Large Van/ Long Wheel Base

Numerous parcels up to 3 pallets

Tail Lift Van

Ideal for furniture delivery

7.5 Tonne

8/9 pallets, ideal for events

18 Tonne

Up to 14 pallets, fits into load bays

Articulated Lorries

25/26 pallets, 40 tonne load weight

Ash Logistics Small Van 

  • Ideal for small items
  • Parcels
  • 1 single lightweight pallet
  • High value goods
  • Up to 400hg payload

Ash Logistics appreciate that small packages can have huge importance to your business. There are times when using postal services to get items to their destination just can’t meet your business demands. 
Our small, eco-friendly vans are perfect for delivery of your high value parcels, letters and documents when you need them delivered urgently, quickly and securely. Ash Logistics believe that no job should be too big or too small for our customers.

Ash Logistics Large Vans

  • Ideal for numerous parcels
  • Boxes
  • 2 x pallets

Ash Logistics Long Wheel Base Vans

  • Ideal for long oversized items
  • 4 meters length
  • Up to 3 pallets
  • Parcels
  • Up to 1085kh Payload

Large Vans and Long Wheel-base vehicles are used for larger and heavier items that a small van or car cannot accommodate. They balance mobility and size making them ideal for transporting items such as parcels, furniture and pallets. All of our vans are clean, new (less than 5 years old) and can be completely unbranded if this is a customer preference.

Ash Logistics Tail Lift Vehicles

  • Ideal for furniture delivery
  • Up to 4 pallets
  • Large boxes and parcels
  • Payload up to 1085hg

Ash Logistics tail-lift, box and ‘Luton van’ vehicles are perfect for large and heavy deliveries. Their large box shape and height make them ideal for large, heavy loads. The tail-lift vehicles allow heavy items and pallets to be loaded with ease onto the lift and then into the truck. These vehicles are still small and economical enough to allow rapid deliveries along even the busiest city roads.

Ash Logistics 7.5 Tonne Vehicle

  • Up to 8-9 pallets
  • Great for large furniture
  • Great for events
  • Good access

Ash Logistics 7.5 tonne vehicles allow easy access combined with a large load capacity.  Due to their size they are ideal for getting in and out of venues and locations and provide the perfect solution for delivering large items such as furniture.

Ash Logistics 18 Tonne Vehicle

  • Up to 9.5 tonne load weight
  • Ideal for trunking from warehouse to store
  • 3.4 meters high
  • Largest non-articulated transport
  • Many large pallets and items

As the bigger brother to the 7.5 Tonne box tail-lift in our fleet, the 18 Tonne also sports a tail-lift but can handle much bigger and heavier loads. The 18 Tonne truck can house a whopping 9500hg payload and has a huge 43 cubic meter cargo volume capacity.

Ash Logistics Articulated

  • Up to 25/26 pallets
  • 40 tonnes of load weight
  • Side curtain and rigid body option

Ash Logistics can deliver your items on the largest road transport vehicle available – the articulated lorry. These vehicles handle the largest and heaviest loads. We have qualified drivers able to handle these huge transportation vehicles that are able to deliver to the largest requirements of our customers. If you require transportation on a big scale, Ash Logistics can deliver it. We have curtain-side and rigid body versions available.

  Vehicles monitored and tracked

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