Ash Logistics Final Furlong Delivery

Own a Logistics company? Work in partnership with Ash Logistics to save yourself money and time.

Make a 2 day job 1

Sending drivers to London? Deliver to our Watford Distribution centre and we will take it the rest of the way.

Save Your Business Money 

When your drivers are not on the road you’re not making money. Our final furlong delivery keeps your drivers active.

Secure Storage And Distribution

Our storage is safe and secure, meaning you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Clear Communication 

We are always available and will keep you updated with any deliveries made on your behalf.

What is Final Furlong Delivery?

You have a client in London who you deliver to on a regular basis and you have to send a driver out for two days each time for this job. Your driver would be put to better use out on the road, delivering to more clients right? That’s where Ash Logistics come in.

Instead of doing the whole journey yourself, why not have your driver out working, earning you money. Make a two day job a one day job by delivering to our storage and distribution centre. Then when orders come in, we can take them into London for you. Its simple. We hold the goods and drip feed them into London as and when need be. Click here to contact us about Final Furlong Delivery or give us a call.

  Vehicles monitored and tracked

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