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Bring your goods to Our Hertfordshire distribution centre and we will finish your journey off for you.

Save Your Business Money 

Our Hertfordshire final furlong delivery keeps your drivers active and your deliveries complete.

Secure Storage And Distribution

Our secure depot means you don’t need to worry about your clients goods being left with us.

Clear Communication 

We make sure you always know whats happening with any of you or your clients goods.

What is Hertfordshire Final Furlong Delivery ?

You have a client in London who you deliver to on a regular basis. You are based up north and it often results in a two day delivery time with a large period of that wasted with an overnight stay.  This uses up a drivers time which could be spent out on the road making you money.

Based in Hertfordshire just north of London, Ash Logistics is in an ideal location to take your deliveries off your hands and finish the final leg of your journey.

We can also store regularly delivered items in our secure depot, meaning you can deliver in bulk to us and each time a delivery comes in destined for London, we can take care of it for you.

Keep your drivers mobile and earning you money.

Make a two day job a one day job by delivering to our Hertfordshire storage and distribution centre. We hold onto your goods and drip feed them into London for you.

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