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On Time Logistics 

You set the time and date the rest is down to us.

Clear Communication

From experience we know things change quickly in events. This makes clear communication key and is something we pride ourselves on.


Our careful planing ensures there is no waiting around on the big day or the lead up to it.

UK and Europe

Its not just the UK we cover. Based in Watford just north of London, we cover all of the UK and Europe.

How we work event logistics Watford

Putting on an event is stressful without worrying about your equipment, exhibitions stands, speakers, tables etc not turning up. It’s as simple as this:

You set the time and date and Ash Logistics will be there.

Once the event has finished we wait to take everything back for you to whatever your desired.  Based in Watford close to London we can take on storage too, keeping everything you might need safe until the event arrives.

Due to our experience in event logistics, we know that things don’t go according to plan every time and that event times run over. We will simple wait until the event has finishes and you are ready to move on.

Event Logistics Watford

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