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Ash Logistics, based in Watford, was set up in March 2004 with just one vehicle, a strong work ethic, a desire to succeed and to be cost-effective… always. Our commitment to customer care and service has enabled our business to grow at an astonishing rate! Incorporated in May 2005, Ash Logistics Limited now has some 60 vehicles with professional drivers to service and meet the demands of our customers right across the UK. We believe that no delivery is too big or too small for our customers.


Ash Logistics, where people answer your calls.

We know the feeling, having to press one, two or three on the phone only to be re directed to someone who doesn’t really seem that interested in taking your call. We really don’t want to be that business, so we make sure when you call Ash Logistics there is someone there to answer you. No waiting about or being put on hold. Just people talking to you like a human being.

Delivery is the last part of your service, so it’s got to shine!

You’ve got the enquiry, made the sale and now the only thing that’s left is the delivery and it’s out of your hands. You can provide amazing service right up to this point but if your logistics company isn’t working to your same high standard, then no matter how great your customer service has been, the final hurdle can throw it all away.

At Ash Logistics we represent your business first. We know that as you grow so will we and that makes it incredibly important that we do our job to the highest standard.

Take a look at the services we offer here or give us a call and speak to someone straight away that’s eager to take your call.

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